Better Searching through Reformulated Queries

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Website: Better Searching through Reformulated Queries
When: January 25 2017
Where: Winslow Building Room 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY, USA
TWed Talk: Weds, 25 Jan (6p Winslow 1140)
TITLE: "Better Searching through Reformulated Queries"
LEADER: Amar Viswanathan
VIDEO: TWed video streams
EVENT: YouTube
KEYWORDS: SPARQL, Knowledge Graph, Linked Data

Do search engines always give you the right information? How long does it take to get an answer you are looking for? Would it have been better if the system 'talked' to you. Why can't we build such a system now? Please join us next Wednesday (6p, Winslow 1140) as TWC PhD Student Amar Viswanathan talks about how query reformulation can bridge the gap between systems and humans.

DESCRIPTION: This work focuses on addressing the problem of query failure using the Gricean maxim of cooperative answering as amotivating foundation. More specifically, using query reformulations that abide by data- and schema-awareness, we show that failed user queries can be given more context. We discuss the results for the same and argue that such reformulations help in providing a better interaction with the user.

BIO: Amar Viswanathan is an n-th year graduate student in the Tetherless World Constellation who has at last finished his thesis proposal. He has worked on sentiment analysis, event summarization, entity summarization and Linked Data Analysis. Currently he is focusing on query reformulation and dialog based Knowledge Graph Search.

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