TWed Discussion: Ontology and LIMS-based Laboratory Data Integration

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Website: TWed Discussion: Ontology and LIMS-based Laboratory Data Integration
When: March 2 2016
Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY, US
TWed Talk: Wed, 02 Mar (6p-7p, 1140 Winslow)
TITLE: "Ontology and LIMS-based Laboratory Data Integration"
LEADER: Yue (Robin) Liu
VIDEO: (TWed video streams)
EVENT: Google Event
KEYWORDS: Ontologies, data integration, metadata

Please join us WEDS, 02 Mar (6p, 1140 Winslow) as TWC PhD student Robin Liu leads us in a discussion of his work in using ontologies as a basis for laboratory data integration, including the application of LIMS and Hadatac

SUMMARY: Data integration provides the ability to manipulate data transparently across multiple data sources. It is relevant to a number of applications including laboratory hub information integration, medical information management, and enterprise applications. Ontologies enable the unambiguous identification of entities in heterogeneous information systems and assertion of applicable named relationships that connect these entities together. In this talk we will discuss the use of ontologies for data integration and how we use open source LIMS and Hadatac to support lab data management and metadata collection.

BIO: Yue (Robin) Liu is now a 3rd year PhD student working with Prof. Deborah McGuinness. He is interested in BioMedical knowledge discovery with various techniques including semantic web, machine learning and natural language processing. This year Yue is working on lab hubs data integration for the CHEAR(Child Health Exposure Analysis Repository) project.

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