Stream Reasoning: Where Stream Processing and Semantic Reasoning Meet

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Website: Stream Reasoning: Where Stream Processing and Semantic Reasoning Meet
When: September 28 2015
Where: Winslow Building Roomt 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY
TITLE: "Stream Reasoning: Where Stream Processing and Semantic Reasoning Meet"
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EVENT: Hangout

Please join us MONDAY, 28 Sep (11a-12p) as TWC PhD student Rui Yan leads us in a discussion of stream reasoning, a fascinating area of research that combines stream processing and semantic reasoning.

SUMMARY: Streaming data is ubiquitous on the web today. Lots of information conveyed by streaming data are of high value to research, for example, for the purpose of trend detection and anomaly detection. However, streaming data are so heterogeneous in physical formats and conceptual models that it is inconvenient to analyze them.

Existing stream processing systems are capable of processing large volume, high updating rate data, but not good at revealing hidden knowledge. However, semantic reasoning techniques are able to extract hidden knowledge out of the static knowledge base, but cannot deal with streaming data. Stream reasoning is proposed by D. E. Valle in 2009 to bridge this gap. Due to the transient nature of streaming data, stream reasoning systems are required to not only process data on the fly, but also reveal interlinks and relations among them to provide an abundant, accurate, timely and updating answers to a continuous query. An abstract model of a stream reasoning system is composed by stream processing unit (for data pre-processing and selection), reasoning unit (for mining hidden knowledge), querying unit (for graph matching in the selected data) and output unit (for outputting the results in stream).

BIO: Rui Yan is a 5th year PhD student in Tetherless World Constellation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is under the guidance of Prof. McGuinness. He has been involved in many successful projects that aim to leverage the semantic technologies to facilitate semantic data processing and reasoning. His thesis topic will be around stream reasoning, which is an exciting yet vastly unexplored multidisciplinary research area. He has done internships in both startups (Franz Inc) and national labs (PNNL) from which he gained lots of industry and academic sights. More about Rui Yan please refer to his LinkedIn profile

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