TWeD Lightning Talks Fall 2014

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Website: TWeD Lightning Talks Fall 2014
When: April 30 2014
Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY
"There's always something happening Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless World!"

Title: TWed Lightning Talks (SPRING 2013) When: Weds, 30 Apr 2014 (7p) Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY

DESCRIPTION: At the end of each term TWC holds a Graduate Research "Lightning Talks" TWed session. This special TWed event is a great way for the TWC community to learn of the wide range of amazing research happening at the Tetherless World, and "a good time is had by all!"

A lightning talk is a VERY short --- under 3 minute! --- summary by the researcher of their current research work, with NO SLIDES and only brief "crib notes!"

The current list of presenters:
Order ___________Name___________ _________________Topic__________________
1 Evan Patton Reasoning Performance on Mobile
2 Simon Ellis Beyond Jeopardy!: Playing Games with Cognitive Computing
3 James Michaelis Methods for Evaluation of Provenance Interfaces
4 Josh Shinavier Semantic Gadgets
5 Tim Lebo Sustainable Analytics
6 Kristine Gloria Exploring privacy trade-offs online
7 Amar Viswanathan Semantic Search and QA on LOD
8 Jin Guang Zheng Semantic similarity applicaitons
9 Jim McCusker A Web Framework for Dynamic Consent
10 Yue Liu (Robin) Cisco KM project
11 Katie Chastain Jefferson Project
12 Tongtao Zhang Wikification via Semi-Supervised Learning
13 Hao Li Two-Stage Hashing for New Event Detection
14 Nidhi Rastogi Cybersecurity of critical infrastructure
15 Han Wang Entity Linking with DBpedia
16 Matt Ferritto
17 Ali Nendick Overcoming Initial Bias in Category-Based Schemas
18 Eric Ameres HCC: Simulating mirror neurons
19 Bassem Makni Trusted tweets and GPU optimization for RDF stores
20 Boliang Zhang Morph Encoding
21 Hongzhao Huang Tweet Wikification
22 Dian Yu slot filling based on truth finding
23 Qi Li Joint Information Extraction Using a Single Model