TWeD Discussion: Exploring Avenues for Research in Web Science

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Website: TWeD Discussion: Exploring Avenues for Research in Web Science
When: March 6 2013
Where: Winslow 2nd Floor Common Area, RPI Campus, Troy, NY
"There's always something happening on Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless World!"

Please join us on Weds, 06 Mar for TWed (7p, 2nd floor common area, Winslow): "Exploring Avenues for Research in Web Science" by Kristine Gloria, TWC RPI

PROGRAM NOTE: Due to the poster session, TWed will be held in the 2nd floor common are of Winslow. This will be an informal round-table discussion highlighting some of the latest research we're conducing in Web Science.

As the field of Web Science research continues to mature, questions continue to emerge about topics of research, methods, ethics, tools etc. This informal TWed will explore some of these questions while highlighting the work already in play at RPI's Web Science Research Center. From the Asthma Files to government surveillance to research ethics, we welcome an open discussion about Web Science and our role in helping shape its future.

TWC graduate student Kristine Gloria is a first-year Ph.d. whose interest include Internet policy, privacy, government surveillance and social psychology.

NOTE: Slots for Spring 2013 TWed Talks are filling up; please claim yours now! A big "Thanks!" to those who have already volunteered.

TWed Logistics (Spring 2013):
  • TWed schedule:* 7p-9p, 1st floor Winslow (1140)
  • We try to alternate TWed Talks with TWed Hackspaces. The alternating pattern of TWed Talks and TWed Hackspaces may "off" due to leader availability and Institute scheduling.
  • Pizza or snacks will be provided for TWed Talks
  • Live video streams of TWed Talks will usually be available via ustream
  • An archive of past TWed Talks are also available on ustream. Direct links can be found in the schedule (below)
  • TWed Talks from previous terms are archived; topical archive coming soon!

About TWed:
  • "TWed Talks" are informal overview talks and tutorials on topics of interest to the Tetherless World community. TWed gives members of the lab the chance to share tools and expertise. TWed talks are not lectures; they are expected to be highly interactive and fun. TWed leaders are encouraged to include live "hack" activities in their session plans.
  • "TWed Hackspaces" during the TWed time are informal group work sessions inspired by the Hackerspace movement. This is a time when TWC people will "be around" and you can rely on the "right" people being available to answer your questions and help with your hacks. This is also a great opportunity for project teams to "hack" together on problems, with the knowledge and resources of TWC surrounding you.