TWeD Lightning Talks Fall 2013

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Website: TWeD Lightning Talks Fall 2013
When: December 4 2013
Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY
"There's always something happening Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless World!"

Title: TWed Lightning Talks (Fall 2013)

When: Weds, 04 Dec 2013 (7p)

Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY

DESCRIPTION: At the end of each term TWC holds a Graduate Research "Lightning Talks" TWed session. These special TWed events are a great way for the greater TWC community to learn of the wide range of amazing research happening at TWC, and "a good time is had by all!"

A lightning talk is a VERY short --- 3 minute! --- summary by a researcher of their current research work, with no "props": no slides and only brief "crib notes!"
  • You describe your work from the front of the room
  • There is a timer and a bell
  • Your talk is not only about WHAT you're doing but also WHY
  • You'll get applause at the end!
To paraphrase "Giving Lightning Talks", ..."the point (of a lightning talk) is to make a point, and explain it as quickly as possible. That's it..." Don't caught up in the whole idea of providing background information or explaining other issues.

On the agenda for this evening:
  1. Rui Yan: semantic medical devices portal
  2. Amar Viswanathan: Answering Questions on Linked Data
  3. Evan Patton: Health Data Integration using the SemantEco framework
  4. Tim Lebo: Data Sculpting
  5. Eric Ameres: interactive, dynamically enforced markov models
  6. Dominic DiFranzo: Linked Social Science
  7. Alexei Bulazel: Further Developments in Instance Hub
  8. Kristine Gloria: Redefining Privacy: An Exploration of Everyday Practice & Play in Networked Spaces
  9. Han Wang: DCO Knowledge Discovery
  10. Patrick West (Skype): Matching semantically annotated scientific data with visualization tools and providing provenance trace
  11. Hao Li: Event Discovery in Big Data
  12. Bassem Makni: Optimizing RDFstores by coupling GPGPU and CPU
  13. Jin Zheng: Entity Matching on the Web of Data
  14. Chengcong Du: JSON to RDF
  15. Krishna Aradhi: A portal to overlay WMS layers on an OpenStreetMap base layer
  16. Qi Li: Joint Entity and Relation extraction
  17. Yue LIu: VisualRDF in SemantEco
  18. Josh Shinavier: semantics from semi-structured personal data with Extend-o-Brain