Stream Reasoning Workshop 2016

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Website: Stream Reasoning Workshop 2016
When: October 18 2016
Where: Kobe, Japan
Part of: International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2016
The continuous growth of volume, velocity and variety of data poses new challenges for their processing, especially when it has to be done in real-time or near-real time. It happens in many scenarios, such as IoT, social media analytics and smart cities: highly dynamic flows of heterogeneous data, supplied by different actors, have to be integrated and processed to create new knowledge. Reasoning techniques are a possible solution to cope with the problem of variety in the processing of these continuous streams of information. Anyway, while reasoners scale up in the classical, static domain of ontological knowledge, reasoning upon rapidly changing information has received attention only very recently. The combination of reasoning techniques with data streams gives rise to Stream Reasoning, a high impact research area that has already started to produce results that are relevant for both the semantic and data processing communities.

Moreover, an observation from the lessons learned on Stream Reasoning in these years is that the ordering of data over time is just one of the possible types of orders to harness in optimising the reasoning tasks. We perceive a trend in the community towards order-aware semantic technologies in works such as: top-k query answering techniques for Linked Data, SPARQL query answering on RDF annotated with partially ordered labels, and top-k ontological query answering in the context of Ontology Based Data Access.

The workshop aims at bringing together this growing and very active community interested in integrating stream processing, ordering and reasoning by using methods inspired by data and knowledge management.