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Website: ORION OOI/CI Workshop
When: October 3-4 2006
Where: The Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, Virginia
The Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI) is requesting proposals to establish an Implementing Organization (IO) to support the development and operation of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI), a key component of the broader Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Network (ORION) which comprises: the Coastal Scale Observatory (CSO), the Regional Cabled Observatory (RCO), and the Global Scale Observatory (GSO). The resultant Subaward will continue the evolution of the design, procurement and operation of the Cyberinfrastructure (CI), a critical component of the OOI. IOs for the other OOI systems will be solicited under separate RFPs.

The CI will provide the information and communications technology (hardware and software) necessary to allow the three key observing systems (and networked scientists and operators) to work together seamlessly. The CI task covers the definition and development of the concept of operations and requirements for and the design of the Cyberinfrastructure system, development and purchase of software and hardware, integration, implementation, test, verification, validation and the development of the communication standards and operational concepts for robust, reliable and secure operation of the observatories.

NCAR is hosting this workshop to share information on other NSF funded Cyberinfrastructure initiatives that may provide insight into certain of the features that are part of the cyberinfrastructure for OOI. A series of presentations will describe technical innovations, effective management and coordination practices, and other lessons learned in the implementation of successful existing CI projects. Breakout sessions will provide opportunities for discussion and networking between ocean scientists and CI practitioners.



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