International Workshop on Linked Science 2011

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Website: International Workshop on Linked Science 2011
When: October 14 2011
Where: Bonn, Germany
Scientific efforts are traditionally published only as articles, with an estimate of millions of publications worldwide per year; the growth rate of PubMed alone is now 1 papers per minute. The validation of scientific results requires reproducible methods, which can only be achieved if the same data, processes, and algorithms as those used in the original experiments were available. However, the problem is that although publications, methods and datasets are very related, they are not always openly accessible and interlinked. Even where data is discoverable, accessible and assessable, significant challenges remain in the reuse of the data, in particular facilitating the necessary correlation, integration and synthesis of data across levels of theory, techniques and disciplines. In the LISC 2011 (1st International Workshop on Linked Science) we will discuss and present results of new ways of publishing, sharing, linking, and analyzing such scientific resources motivated by driving scientific requirements, as well as reasoning over the data to discover interesting new links and scientific insights. Making entities identifiable and referenceable using URIs augmented by semantic, scientifically relevant annotations greatly facilitates access and retrieval for data which used to be hardly accessible. This Linked Science approach, i.e., publishing, sharing and interlinking scientific resources and data, is of particular importance for scientific research, where sharing is crucial for facilitating reproducibility and collaboration within and across disciplines. This integrated process, however, has not been established yet. Bibliographic contents are still regarded as the main scientific product, and associated data, models and software are either not published at all, or published in separate places, often with no reference to the respective paper. In the workshop we will discuss whether and how new emerging technologies (Linked Data, and semantic technologies more generally) can realize the vision of Linked Science. We see that this depends on their enabling capability throughout the research process, leading up to extended publications and data sharing environments. Our workshop aims to address challenges related to enabling the easy creation of data bundles – data, processes, tools, provenance and annotation – supporting both publication and reuse of the data. Secondly, we look for tools and methods for the easy correlation, integration and synthesis of shared data. This problem is often found in many disciplines (including astronomy, biology, geosciences, cultural heritage, earth, climate, environmental and ecological sciences and impacts etc.), as they need to span techniques, levels of theory, scales, and disciplines. With the advent of Linked Science, it is timely and crucial to address these identified research challenges through both practical and formal approaches.


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: August 15, 2011