ICSTI 2013 Workshop - Data and Non-Data Integration

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Website: ICSTI 2013 Workshop - Data and Non-Data Integration
When: October 16 2013
Where: Ottawa, Canada
The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) will hold a half-day workshop for the morning of Wednesday, October 16, 2013, as part of the 2nd Annual CASRAI International Conference. The workshop theme is “Data and Non-Data Integration – A Journey Across Disciplines.”

Thanks to the creativity and innovation of scientists, libraries, publishers, and information and technology communities, scientific discovery is being accelerated through the seamless integration and synthesis of digital data and non-data (e.g., text, multimedia, visualization). Rapidly making sense of huge volumes of data and facilitating easy navigation between data and non-data are enablers of new knowledge – and discovery. In this workshop, we will explore how this integration is taking place across a broad range of disciplines, such as environmental sciences, life sciences, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, and crystallography.