International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO 2014)

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Website: International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO 2014)
When: October 6-9 2014
Where: Houston, TX
Biomedical ontologies are a core part of the Semantic Web framework – an emerging technology that is proving essential to solving many of the complex challenges in health care and life sciences. Over the last few years, the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology has been transformed into the premier annual event in biomedical ontology, attracting a worldwide audience. The 2014 edition of ICBO will be a unique public-­private partnership event bringing together academics and industry as well as startup companies to provide education and collaboration opportunities for biomedical ontologists and entrepreneurs.


Tutorial Deadline: April 1, 2014
Workshop Proposal Deadline: April 1, 2014
Panel Deadline: April 1, 2014
: May 1, 2014
Demonstration Deadline: July 15, 2014