Explanation-Aware Computing 2007

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Website: Workshop on Explanation-aware Computing 2007
When: July 22-23 2007
Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Explanation has been widely investigated in disciplines such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy of science, and education. All these disciplines consider varying aspects of "explanation", making it clear that there are many different views of the nature of explanation.

The workshop brought together researchers, scientists from both industry and academics, and representatives from different communities and areas such as those mentioned above, in order to study, understand, and explore the aspect of explanation in IT-applications. Besides contributions and invited talks, this workshop offered organized and open spaces for targeted discussions and for creating an interdisciplinary community.



McGuinness, D.L. and Pinheiro, P. 2007. PML 2: A Modular Explanation Interlingua. In Proceedings of Workshop on Explanation-aware Computing 2007 (July 22-23 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).