Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day

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Website: Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day
When: June 5-6 2014
Where: RPI Campus, Troy, NY, US
The Deep Carbon Observatory-Data Science team (DCO-DS) is building the Data Science and Management infrastructures for the DCO to advance the DCO decadal and day-to-day science, data and information goals. DCO-DS uses an integrated approach combining informatics, data science and life cycle data management best practices. Its initial objectives are to: establish a Deep Carbon Virtual Observatory (DCVO) for DCO embedded in community and agency data resource holdings; provide robust data infrastructure for DCO science, instrumentation, secretariat and engagement activities; enable scientific discovery via visualization and analysis in concert with the DCO data infrastructure; and advance educational aspects of data science and data management among all DCO participants.

The Data Science Day will be a great opportunity for the DCO community to discuss data management and data science activities and needs as well to learn about the present features and functionalities of the DCVO. We will also invite keynote speakers from academia/ agency/ industry to introduce and discuss trends in open data and data science.


Fox, P. 2014. DCO's Data Science Day Introduction. In Proceedings of Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day (June 5-6 2014, RPI Campus, Troy, NY, US).