Accessing Linked Data with Collustra

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Last semester TWC Ph.D student Evan Patton presented semantic web support for the MIT AppInventor platform that enables Android developers to use linked data to power applications[1]. However, application of this work revolves around proficient understanding and ability to construct SPARQL queries, which is a challenge for the target audience of the AppInventor. This summer Evan began work with graduate students at MIT's Decentralized Information Group (DIG) to develop a query-by-example inspired HTML5 application, Collustra[2], for constructing bottom-up SPARQL queries given a SPARQL endpoint. Evan and the MIT team make use of the SPARQL Inference Notation (SPIN) [3] to represent SPARQL queries in RDF so that queries can be stored in an endpoint with the goal of being able to index and search them. This also enables queries to be accessed from within AppInventor to ease linked data app development.

On Wednesday Evan will demonstrate an alpha version of the software and provide a road map in the first portion of the talk. For the remainder of the time there will be a group discussion on how tools such as Collustra could be used within Tetherless World and elsewhere to encourage access to linked data and what improvements are necessary to foster this growth. Students who are new to the lab or interested in learning SPARQL will benefit most from this talk.


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September 14, 2013
Patrick WestDownload
September 14, 2013
Evan W. PattonDownload

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