Research Data Alliance

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Presented at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013


RDA is an international organization creating the sociotechnical infrastructure that makes research data sharing work across scales, technologies, and cultures. RDA leaders will provide an overview of the RDA structure, technical roadmap, and initial working group results highlighting geoscience applications. Open discussion will follow. All researchers using, managing, and sharing data are encouraged to attend and help identify geoscience data issues for RDA to address.


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December 17, 2013
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Related Research Areas:

Data Frameworks
Lead Professor: Peter Fox
Description: None.
Concepts: eScience
Data Science
Lead Professor: Peter Fox
Description: Science has fully entered a new mode of operation. Data science is advancing inductive conduct of science driven by the greater volumes, complexity and heterogeneity of data being made available over the Internet. Data science combines of aspects of data management, library science, computer science, and physical science using supporting cyberinfrastructure and information technology. As such it is changing the way all of these disciplines do both their individual and collaborative work.

Data science is helping scienists face new global problems of a magnitude, complexity and interdisciplinary nature whose progress is presently limited by lack of available tools and a fully trained and agile workforce.

At present, there is a lack formal training in the key cognitive and skill areas that would enable graduates to become key participants in escience collaborations. The need is to teach key methodologies in application areas based on real research experience and build a skill-set.

At the heart of this new way of doing science, especially experimental and observational science but also increasingly computational science, is the generation of data.

Concepts: eScience