Semantically-Enabled Large-Scale Science Data Repositories

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Large heterogeneous online repositories of scientific informa-tion have the potential to change the way science is done today. In orderfor this potential to be realized, numerous challenges must be addressedconcerning access to and interoperability of the online scientific data. Inour work, we are using semantic web technologies to improve access andinteroperability by providing a framework for collaboration and a basisfor building and distributing advanced data simulation tools. Our initialscientific focus area is the solar terrestrial physics community. In this pa-per, we will present our work on the Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory(VSTO). We will present the emerging trend of the virtual observatory- a virtual integrated evolving scientific data repository - and describethe general use case and our semantically-enabled architecture. We willalso present our specific implementation and describe the benefits of thesemantic web in this setting. Further, we speculate on the future of thegrowing adoption of semantic technologies in this important applicationarea of scientific cyberinfrastructure and semantically enabled scientificdata repositories.


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August 29, 2011
Patrick WestDownload
August 29, 2011
Patrick WestDownload

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DCO-DS LogoVirtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory (VSTO)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Deborah L. McGuinness
Description: VSTO is a collaborative project between the High Altitude Observatory and Scientific Computing Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and McGuinness Associates. VSTO is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) in the Shared Cyberinfrastructure (SCI) division.