TWed Talk: High Performance Faceted Interfaces Using S2S

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Authors:Eric Rozell


Ph.D student Eric Rozell kicks off our Spring 2012 TWed Series with a discussion about "High Performance Faceted Interfaces Using S2S." Eric's talk will start with live demonstrations of S2S browsers, including the award-winning* International Open Government Data Search (IOGDS) and the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) MapService. Eric will then review some of the details of deploying S2S-based applications, whether they are standalone or embedded. Finally, Eric promises to get our hands dirty with a detailed look into how S2S works, from building Web service requests to rendering results in the search interface.


DateCreated ByLink
January 25, 2012
Eric RozellDownload
January 25, 2012
Eric RozellDownload

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