An Interactive Visualization of the Geological Time Scale Using D3.js

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Authors:Kaleo Sato


Data visualization provides an efficient way to present data on the Web. It also offers the possibility that allows users to interact with the Web. This work focused on the visualization of the Geological Time Scale, which has an ordinal and hierarchical structure. By using the JavaScript library D3.js (Data-Driven Documents), we created several visualizations for the Geological Time Scale. The earth’s time history is divided into different eras, periods, etc. The D3 visualizations that we developed display the structure and relationships nicely. Also, D3 allows users to interact with the visualizations, as the layout of these examples can change if they are clicked. For example, the tree expands if the nodes are clicked, and the hierarchy table opens the corresponding Wikipedia page if its cell is clicked.


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August 17, 2015
Xiaogang MaDownload

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