Field: Evolving a Rapid Prototyping Environment for Visually and Analy:cally Exploring Large-­‐Scale Linked Open Data

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The lack of development environments for interdisciplinary re- search conducted on large-scale datasets hampers research at every stage. Projects incur large startup costs as disparate infra- structure is assembled; experimentation slows when software components and environment are mismatched for specific re- search tasks; and findings are disseminated in forms that are hard to examine, learn from, and reuse. Behind these problems is a common cause — the lack of good tools. When large, heteroge- neous and distributed data is added to the equation, further frus- tration, at the least, ensues. As a result using existing platforms, the programmers of 21st century interactive visualizations are reduced to working in the same fashion with the same tools as 20th century database programmers. Our contribution is to bring the tools of digital artists to bear on the aforementioned data analysis and visualization challenges. Here we report on the cur- rent state of progress in adapting Field for large-scale, web-based scientific data analysis and visualization with an emphasis on Linked Open Data [1] and especially the current data hosted by RPI [2].


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December 9, 2011
Peter FoxDownload

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