TWed Archive: Fall 2015

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Starting with the Fall 2011 term, "there's always something happening in the Tetherless World!"

Logistics (Fall 2015):

About TWed:

TWed Talks are informal overview talks and tutorials on topics of interest to the Tetherless World community. TWed gives members and friends of the lab the chance to share tools and expertise. TWed Talks are not intended to be lectures; they are expected to be highly interactive and fun! TWed leaders are strongly encouraged to include live "hack" activities in their session plans.

Schedule of TWed Topics and Leaders (Fall 2015):

Possible Fall 2015 TWed Topics (still to be scheduled):

  • Talk: Research Data Management for Scientific Communities (DCO Data Science team)

  • Talk: Topics of interest by Tetherless World students

  • Talk: Topics of interest by Professors Jim Hendler, Deborah McGuinness, Peter Fox, and Heng Ji

















DateVideoLeaderTopic (7p-8p)Comments
02 Sep Jim McCuskerCool Tools for Research Project Management and CollaborationSee:
09 Sep  Paulo PinheiroHADataC: Human Aware Data Collection FrameworkSee:
w/o 14 SepNO TWed! John travelling    
w/o 21 SepNO TWed!    
28 Sep Rui YanStream Reasoning: where stream processing and semantic reasoning meetSee:
Stream Reasoning Tutorial (ISWC 2013)
07 Oct Tongtao ZhangNüshu scriptSee:
Nüshu script (Wikipedia)
w/o 12 Oct TBDTDBSee:
w/o 19 Oct TBDTDBSee:
27 Oct (6-7p) Hao Zhong & Marshall MaRescuing Scientific DataSee:
w/o 02 NovNO TWed!  TDBSee:
09 Nov (12-1p) Yu HongTDBSee:
w/o 16 NovNO TWed! John travelling    
w/o 23 NovNO TWed! RPI Thanksgiving Break    
01 Dec (7p-8p) Amar ViswanathanPragmatic Query Reformulation in Knowledge GraphsSee:
08 Dec (7p-8p) TWC Grad StudentsFall 2015 TWed Lightning Talks! SIGN UP NOW!!See:

Schedule Notes:

  • TWed Talk opportunities available during December and January as requested!

  • Dates in bold have been "reserved" by the leader...
  • The alternating hack/talk pattern may interrupted to accommodate the schedule of leaders.
  • Topic suggestions and requests are always welcome!


TWed Talks from previous terms are archived!

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