Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day at RPI on June 05

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Deep Carbon Observatory Data Science Day at RPI on June 05June 2, 2014
The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) will be hosting an Data Science Day symposium at RPI on 5 June 2014.

The DCO is mid way into a 10-year initiative to intensify global attention and scientific effort in the burgeoning field of deep carbon science, stimulated by funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Activities include infrastructure development, scientific workshops, novel technology development, and exploratory research and fieldwork. Funding is also intended to catalyze collaborative scientific efforts around the world, increase public and private sector spending in deep carbon science, and leave a thriving community of international scientists as its legacy. The DCO Data Science activity is led by Rensselaer and reaches into the four DCO science communities (Deep Energy, Deep Life, Extreme Physics and Chemistry and Reservoirs and Fluxes) to advance research and educational aspects of data science and data management among all DCO participants.

The DCO Data Science Day, taking place at Bruggeman Center / CBIS Building on 5 June 2014, will be an opportunity for the DCO community to discuss data management and data science activities within a broader audience. Leading researchers in the fields of Earth science and data science, including Fran Berman, Mark Ghiorso, Kerstin Lehnert, Bruce Watson and Bob Hazen, will give plenary talks in the morning session of the day. The symposium is open to the RPI community and your attendance is welcome.

You an learn more by visiting the symposium agenda. For further information, please contact Xiaogang (Marshall) Ma