TWed Talk: Urban Sprawl Assessment Portal for Tetherless World Constellation

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TWed Talk: Urban Sprawl Assessment Portal for Tetherless World ConstellationApril 21, 2014
There's always something happening on Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless World!

TWeD Talk, Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 7pm ET, Winslow Building on the RPI Campus

Please join us for a very special TWed as ITWS Capstone Team One leads us in an interesting discussion AND LIVE DEMO of their Spring 2014 Capstone project, a dynamic web application for reviewing factors contributing to urban sprawl. This project was sponsored by the Web Science Research Center (WSRC) of TWC RPI.

The team was challenged to utilize open government data to create a mobile app that would promote positive social change by helping solve a local, community problem. Based on an evaluation of available datasets and consultation with the WSRC team, ITWS Capstone Team One chose to create a portal to help a variety of stakeholders interactively review factors associated with urban sprawl. The team identified datasets provided through the New York State open data portal [1] from relevant domains such as health, environment or education; applied Semantic Web and other technologies to combine and visualize datasets in compelling ways; used agile development techniques to deliver a mobile, interactive app; and applied Web Science principles to measure the effectiveness of their solution.

To complete this challenge Team One was expected to demonstrate a practical knowledge of data structures and application development, including web application development. During the development process specific skills such as mobile app design and development, the architecture of data-driven apps, the implementation of web apps using remote visualization APIs, and knowledge of Javascript, JSON, and the Semantic Web stack (RDF, SPARQL, principles of Linked Data) were utilized.