TWeD Talk: A First Look at the Deep Carbon Observatory Data Portal

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TWeD Talk: A First Look at the Deep Carbon Observatory Data PortalOctober 23, 2013
There's always something happening on Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless World!

TWeD Talk, Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 7pm ET, Winslow Building on the RPI Campus

In support of the Deep Carbon Observastory the DCO-Data Science Team has adapted, extended, and integrated several open source applications and frameworks to create a novel Web-based collaborative research plaform well-suited to emerging science networks. In this talk the DCO-DS team will discuss how we have combined platforms including Drupal, VIVO, CKAN, and the Handle System in ways that leverage and reinforce knowledge networks inherent to the distributed research enterprise.

The DCO Data Portal is a Web-based service integrating an object-type repository, collaboration tools, an ability to identify and manage all key entities in the platform, and an integrated portal to manage diverse content and applications, with varied access levels and privacy options. In this informal talk we'll demonstrate how global science networks composed of people, diverse intellectual artifacts produced or consumed in research, organizational and/or outreach activities, as well as the relations among them can be modeled as knowledge networks, documented using formal ontologies and instantiated within platforms including the DCO Data Portal. Nodes within such networks may be people, organizations, datasets, events, presentations, publications, videos, meetings, reports, groups, and more. In such a heterogeneous ecosystem, common informatics approaches are used to co-design and co-evolve the needed research platforms to help ensure they reflect what real people want to use them for.