MediaWiki Markup in Drupal

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We have installed a module that allows you to use MediaWiki Markup in Drupal. But it's certainly not perfect. This page will try and help you get through some of the odities of using this module and using that MediaWiki Markup that many of you are already used to. You can also edit this page to see some of the formatting issues.

Using the header equal signs

This is one of those things that doesn't quite work perfectly. The first thing you do is add the header. Then you need to leave a blank line under it and then start your text, lists, whatever. And that's it. (edit this page to see what I mean)

What Doesn't Work?

This is what we know does not work

  • using a space in front of a grouping of lines should treat it as-is ... no wiki translation, or drupal translation, or anything. Like using the pre tag. Sometimes it works, but usually it does not. Your best bet is to try the pre tag itself, which we added as allowed html in wiki markup.