URL Path Settings Naming Conventions

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TWC Drupal Site Help

When creating or editing a page, most people will have the ability to set the URL for the page. We'd like to be as consistent as possible across our site in this regard, so please follow these conventions when creating pages.

URL path settings standards

  • A person's main page has a URL path setting of person/FirstLast (e.g. person/PatrickWest)
  • A project's main page has a URL path setting of project/ProjectAcronym (e.g. project/LOGD)
  • A theme's main page has a URL path setting of theme/ThemeName (e.g. theme/eScience)
  • An organization's main page has a URL path setting of org/OrgAcronym (e.g. org/TWC)
  • A concept's main page has a URL path setting of concept/ConceptName (e.g. concept/eScience)

For a project, pages should be created with these URL settings:

  • Publications list- project/LOGD/publications
  • Presentations list - project/LOGD/presentations
  • Announcements list - project/LOGD/announcements
  • Collaborators list - project/LOGD/collaborators
  • Project Calendar - project/LOGD/calendar
  • Use Cases List - project/LOGD/usecases
  • Individual Use Case - project/LOGD/usecase/usecaseName
  • Meetings list - project/LOGD/meetings
  • Individual Meeting page - project/LOGD/meeting/2010-09-25
  • Working group list - project/LOGD/workinggroups
  • Working group page - project/LOGD/workinggroup/groupName

Of course, wherever you see something like usercaseName or groupName, etc... change that to the actual name of the user case or working group.

Please provide links to the above pages in the sidebars. Instructions can be found here.

Use this as a template for other pages too. If there's a page with a list of documents, or technology infrastructure, then you'd use a URL setting of project/LOGD/documents and project/LOGD/infrastructure. And so on. Let's keep it organized and somewhat predictable.