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TWC Frequently Asked Questions for editing content

Q: The heading tags == ... == in MediaWiki format are often ignored [1,2]
A: Solution is to have an empty line immediately after the heading for it to be rendered correctly

Q: What module generates the black menu at the top of the screen
A: The SimpleMenu module. All logged in users should be able to see the menu. All users with the twc_user role or administator role should be able to see the Administer menu.

Q: How do I add a news item or announcement to the RSS feed?
A: Once you've created an instance of Announcement (Create Instances -> Create Announcement), fix the page however you need to have it fixed, then edit the page, and under "Publishing options" section at the bottom of the page (click to expand the section), check "Promoted to front page". This will automatically add it to the RSS feed in Drupal at