Week 7 March 8, 2011: Presentation of Academic Research (1): Short Individual Presentations

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This week we focus on the presentation academic research.

Reading Assignment for Week 7:

  • Craft of Scientific Presentations: Critical Steps to Succeed and Critical Errors to Avoid by Michael Alley (2002) and about 257 pages.
    This book is on the ebrary.com site which is also accessible from library.rpi.edu. You should be able to get it either on or off campus but it does require an rpi login. The reading talks about speech, presentation structure, visual aids, and delivery for scientific presentations.

    • ch2: Speech:The Words You Say
    • ch3: The Strategy You Choose
  • When the Scientist Presents: an Audio and Video Guide to Science Talks by: Jean-Luc Lebrun (2009) and about 265 pages.
    This book talks about choosing content, the audience, and the presentation itself.

    • ch1 & ch2:Content Selection
    • ch3 & ch4:Audience Expectations
    • ch9 & ch10from "When the Scientist Presents" :The presenter

      Watching Assignment for Week 7:

      Note - we will go around the room and ask for a highlight from each person's reading but we are not requiring a formal presentation from the reading.

      Written Assignment for Week 7:

        This week's written assignment has two parts and both are required. The first part will be used to evaluate your presentation. The second part will not be graded but is required as well.
        Put these in one document (the same word document template that you have used for previous assignments) with separate sections.

      • Part 1: List and briefly describe at least 2 presentation objectives from your reading that you intend to follow in your presentation. For example, "In my presentation, I will define all the terms I to use, and I will use examples to make my points.
      • Part 2: Write a description of your experience doing this assignment. What did you find challenging? What did you like/learn? (List the top 3-5 major points that you will take away from this assignment). What was not useful? What should be emphasized more? What changes you would suggest. Also mention things you found confusing or contradictory in the material.

      Presentation Assignment for Week 7:

      • Prepare a short (up to 20 minute) presentation on the current status of your class project.
        Note, if you are doing a group project, it is fine to do a group presentation. Just make sure to include which person did what and also make sure each person presents a portion of the report. If you are in a 3 person project, you can use up to an hour for the presentation, similarly, if it is a 2 person project, you can use up to 40 minutes to present. In this presentation, follow the guidelines of what you read (and highlight that in a separate section of your written report)

          Include background information necessary to understand (definitions, etc.) and

        • What is being done (reported on) in the presentation (tell us what you will tell us)
        • Why are you doing it? (to answer what research question?)
        • How will you do it? What is your approach? (the methods used?)
        • What you hope to learn
        • Why you think it's important (what you think it means)
        • Status - What have you completed, what have you learned, how is it going? Do you have all the resources you need?
        • Note, you may differ from the format above but if you do, include your decision and rationale in your description.