Week 6 March 1, 2011: Academic Research

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Class Notes

This week we will focus on academic research. In preparation for this "workshop format" class, you will write an outline for your class research and we will discuss the research aspects in class. Our discussion will draw on the readings from the Craft of Research. Each of you will be assigned a chapter of the book to present.
You may want to re-read or skim the first four chapters in addition to the reading assignment for this week.

Reading Assignment for Week 6:

  1. Read Papers Chapters 7, 8, 9 10 from The Craft of Research, 2nd edition.
  2. Review as needed, Chapters 1-4

Written Assignment for Week 6:

  • Prepare a brief summary describing what what your class project is about. Summarize the key sections (Introduction, Data, Methods, Discussion and Conclusion). If you are doing a group project, it is fine to turn this in as a group. Just make sure your professors know who had primary responsibility for which piece. Think about including for your reader answers to the following questions:
    • What was will be undertaken in your research (and subsequently reported on) in a paper
    • Why you are doing it (to answer what research question?)
    • How it will be done (the methods used)
    • What you think you will learn
    • What you think it might mean

Presentation Assignment for Week 6:

  • Pick one of the following chapters from the reading to present to the class, first come, first served, and post it in the table below. Take up to 10 minutes for your presentation.
Presenter Time Chapter Title Brief Description Pages
Jin 4:30 Chapter 3 slides 40-54
Eric 4:40 Chapter 7 slides (see presenter notes for slide 3) 114-126
Scott 4:50 Chapter 8 Slides [Download] 127-137
Peter 5:00 Chapter 9 slides 138-149
Ping 5:10 Chapter 10 slides 151-164
Project Member Doc
Heath Peter, Ping and Scott doc
S2S Eric Written Assignment [Download]
Water Portal Jin write up