Week 5: February 22, 2011: Journal Club (2)

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    Continuation of Journal Club

    titanpad for today

    NOTE: SCHEDULE CHANGE in agenda for class today.

    To accomodate schedules (some leaving for CSHALS conference in Boston) we will discuss each of the projects for the class first, BEFORE the journal paper discussion. Be prepared to introduce the current state of your class project and sign up on the sheet below.

    • 25 minute research slot including 15 min presentation and 10 min questions
    • Note when you are presenting, you need to include an overview of the work along with a required slide of why the class should be interested in this work.
    • Students who are not presenting this week must read at least the selected paper from each of the presenters. Presenters are posting additional related papers and those are optional reading.

    Student presentation sign-up sheet

    Presenter Time Outline by Author - ex. Patton's outline Presentation - include link to presentation Outline of Paper Notes / Questions
    Peter 4:00 Research Project Discussion Points/Medical Roles Ontology AST_2011_Ragone_Peter_A5.pdf [Download]
    Eric 4:30 Process Specification Language (PSL): Theories and Applications slides [PDF] [Download]
    Jin 5:00 Semantic Web Portal: A Platform for Better Browsing and Visualizing Semantic Data slides

    Questions from non-presenting students

    Questioner Jin's paper/presentation Eric's paper/presentation
    Scott How much of the processing done by the portal takes place in the user's browser and how much on the back-end server? Could this balance be shifted one way or another dynamically? The authors state, "All extensions within PSL are consistent extensions of PSL-CORE and can be consistent extensions of other PSL extensions. However, not all extensions within PSL need be mutually consistent." Does this not mean the need for "point-to-point translation programs" still exists?
    Ping Could you explain more about Semantic Search (SS)? Is it equal to type-based search? What kind of processes can PSL be applied to?

    Reading Assignment for this class:

    • All students should read the chosen paper by Jin and Eric

    Written Assignment for this class:

    • All students not presenting need to post a question to this web page about each selected paper

    Presentation Assignment for this class:

    • Eric and Jin will present a paper
    • Each enrolled student should be prepared to informally discuss the state of their class project. Note that the class will discuss this and help further focus project status.