Advanced Semantic Technologies Week 2: February 1, 2011 Presentation of Students' Research Interest

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Class list

In this class each student will make a 10-minute presentation of a research interest to gain practice making presentations.

Instructions for presentation and sign up:

  • 10 mins, NO longer, some questions or comments should be anticipated
  • Slides are required, please post them alongside your name in the table below
  • Please sign up in 10 minute blocks starting at 4:20
  • Enrolled students (top of the list below) will start
  • Others will follow with others who wish to participate
  • Consider speaking on a web science topic or propose a topic that you'd like to submit to a workshop of your choice

Student 10-minute research interests presentation sign-up sheet:

Presenter Time Topic / Title Presentation - include link to presentation Notes/Questions
Eric Rozell 4:20 Semantic Annotation of Deep-Web Resources slides paper
Jin Zheng 4:30 Toward Semantic Search:RDFa based facet browser Slides Paper
Scott Yaninas 4:40 Semantic Technologies and Relational Databases: Union, Intersection, Difference, and the Current State of Affairs. slides paper
Peter Ragone 4:50 Healthcare in IT Slides ETST_2011_Ragone_Peter_A1 [Download]
Ping Wang 5:30 Data Integration in Water Quality Portal slides paper
Patrick West 6:45pm Data Publication, Attribution and Citation: Providing Semantic Tools for Managing Different Types of Data Slides


Remember to sign up for presentation time slots for classes in which you will be presenting.

Reading Assignment for Week 3 class: