Week 14 May 10, 2011: Final Presentation Slides and Write up

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In this class we will have the presentations of the final projects.

  • Final project presentation.
  • All groups have write ups due. Each group needs to submit one group writeup. It should include the sections typical to any research paper submission:
    • Abstract
    • Introduction - including motivating use cases
    • Methods - Technical Approach (with appropriate subsections for your topic)
    • Discussion. This section must include a description of how you are using semantic technologies and the claims you are making about the benefits of these technologies.
    • Related Work
    • Future Work
    • Conclusion
    • References
  • You should also include some discussion of how evaluation could be done.
  • Additionally you need to include roles and responsibilities for each of the team participants.

No new Reading Assignment for this class:

Written Assignment for this class:

  • Final Project

Presentation Assignment for this class: