Advanced Semantic Technologies 2011 Week 1

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Note: Because we are running the classes of this course as "lab meetings," this website will change as we go through the course. The details presented here that appear prior to any individual class meeting, are subject to change during that class meeting, at the discretion of the professors. This site is intended to be used for the class activities, as we go through the course. As specific educational needs arise, based on the experience and interest of the students, the level of detail and requirements will be adjusted to meet the needs of the student. Thus, the website will be updated after each class to maintain it as an accurate record of course content.

Week 1 - January 25, 2011: Introduction to Advanced Semantic Technologies

  • Introduction: Course Overview
  • Week 1 Slides
  • Week 1 Notes
  • Homework Materials:
  • Writing Assignment
    • Use the template on the web site to include the content as requested in the section "Instructions for written material" below
  • Presentation Assignment
    • Prepare a title and slides for a research proposal of your choice: Introduction, Research Question, Approach, Research Plan, Timeline and Tasks. Plan to present for 10 minutes.
  • Reading Assignment
    • Read Chapters 1-4 of The Craft Of Research by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb, and Joseph Williams (second edition).
  • Instructions for written material

  • 1-2 pages
  • Use template provided
  • Include a clear statement of a research interest/ topic
  • Include a few sentences on why this research is important, or its application
  • Include 3-5 keywords or phrases classifying the topic and if an index set or controlled vocabulary was used
  • Indicate what this research builds upon
  • Indicate (cite) related, or pre-cursor work
  • Present or discuss (short paragraph) some current (or proposed) work on the topic
  • References are to be given in a citation format (i.e. indicating source)
  • Note: assignment has no grade associated with it but is required