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Welcome to TWC RPI's OrgPedia Technology Demonstrator ("OrgPedia Demo").

This page provides an expanded explanation of the live data mashups, visualizations, browsing tools and search tools we've created to highlight the future capabilities of OrgPedia.

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About the Data

The index of companies used as the "backbone" for this technology demonstrator is derived from detailed SEC Form 10-K Exhibit 21 filing data obtained through CorpWatch. From a total listing of over 600K companies that file with the SEC, we developed our working set of 12,867 public and private companies by selecting those entities with physical locations and some "industry" affiliation listed. Of this list, approximately 9908 companies were public companies; the remaining 2959 are privately-held subsidiaries.

Our selection of identifiers shows how OrgPedia will serve as an authoritative source to determine the unique identities of different companies. OrgPedia's rich and diverse set of data sources from government, commercial and other authoritative sources demonstrates how OrgPedia provides a unique view of organizations cutting across domains.

OrgPedia Application Demos

These applications demonstrate how OrgPedia data can be used to visualize data. Data hosted by OrgPedia, government and trusted third-parties can be combined using a rich variety of open source tools to create compelling and useful applications. In the examples below (a) a "motion" graphic shows how different industries have grown or contracted over time; (b) a network graphic shows the relationships of corporate board members to different companies; and (c) an interactive map showing EPA and OSHA enforcement data for facilities in the US, and enabling users to identify labor and environmental violations at the same time.

Browse for Companies

Many will use OrgPedia as a portal, either to experience built-in applications like these or to do their searches for specific corporate data and relationships. The OrgPedia Technology Demonstrator provides several different browsing selections, ranging from lists of public or private companies, to their lobbying activity, to their business and industry sector. For completeness we also provide for browsing based on stock symbols and stock exchanges.

  • Companies: Browse for publicly-traded and/or privately-held corporate entities
  • Exchange: Browse for companies based on US stock exchange listings
  • Lobby activity: Look up companies based on lobbying issues or by recipients of lobbying attention
  • Sector: Browse companies based on their business sector (e.g. "Automotive," etc)
  • Ticker Symbols: Browse companies based on their ticker symbols.

Browse for People

Often stakeholders will want to use OrgPedia to make authoritative connections from people to corporate entities. To demonstrate this capability the OrgPedia Demo provides listings of ten-percent shareholders in companies, with links to those companies and to an external service providing detailed data on those individuals (TBD).

OrgPedia Search Tools

Many existing databases of corporate information provide simple search tools for discovery, but none provide a comprehensive and powerful search tool for exploring the complete universe of open corporate data from many different sources the way OrgPedia will. To demonstrate this capability, the OrgPedia technology Demonstrator includes an interface enabling users to query our accumulated data using the SPARQL, which is designed to facilitate queries across diverse data sources.

OrgPedia Demo Reference Information

The following pages provide some background information on the data sources and identifier systems used in the OrgPedia Technology Demonstrator and work that has been done by the RPI team to form the basis for building the system.

  • Identifiers: Reference information concerning the various identifiers aggregated for the OrgPedia demo
  • OrgPedia Ontologies: Source files (OWL) and illustrations of the OrgPedia business and legal entity ontology prototype

OrgPedia Demo Contact Information

For issues or questions concerning this demo, please contact John Erickson at the Tetherless World Constellation, RPI