Rapid Deployment of a RESTful Service for Data Collected by Oceanographic Research Cruises

The Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) program has the mission to capture, catalog, and describe the underway environmental sensor data from US oceanographic research vessels and submit the data to public long-term archives. Information about vessels, sensors, cruises, datasets, people, organizations, funding awards, logs, reports, etc. is published online as Linked Open Data, accessible through a SPARQL endpoint. In response to user feedback, we are developing a RESTful service based on the Elda open-source Java package to facilitate data access. Our experience shows that constructing a simple portal with limited schema elements in this way can significantly reduce development time and maintenance complexity compared to PHP or Servlet based approaches.

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Associated Projects

This proposal presents a new approach to improve data preservation and accessibility ? the Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) Project ? a comprehensive plan for fleet-wide data management. R2R will be a central shore-side data gateway through which underway data from each expedition are routinely cataloged and transmitted from UNOLS ship operators to long-term national archives. R2R will provide essential data documentation services including the production of standardized cruise-level metadata, data inventories, navigation products, and an operations report for every expedition.