An RDF/OWL knowledge base for query answering and decision support in clinical pharmacogenetics

Genetic testing for personalizing pharmacotherapy is bound to become an important part of clinical routine. To address associated issues with data management and quality, we are creating a semantic knowledge base for clinical pharmaco- genetics. The knowledge base is made up of three components: an expressive ontology formalized in the Web Ontology Lan- guage (OWL 2 DL), a Resource Description Framework (RDF) model for capturing detailed results of manual annota- tion of pharmacogenomic information in drug product labels, and an RDF conversion of relevant biomedical datasets. Our work goes beyond the state of the art in that it makes both automated reasoning as well as query answering as simple as possible, and the reasoning capabilities go beyond the capa- bilities of previously described ontologies.

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Although antidepressant treatment is readily available, the US government reports that Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44. Why? Depression is complex. The diagnosis for Major Depressive Disorder describes the signs of depression, but not the cause. There are several distinct biological, physiological, and psychological systems that, when not functioning properly, could result in depression.