Developing service-oriented applications in a grid environment - Experiences using the OPeNDAP back-end-server

The Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP) software framework has evolved over the last 10 years to become a robust, high performance, service oriented architecture for the access and transport of scientific data from a broad variety of disciplines, over the Internet. Starting with version 4.0 of the server release, Hyrax, has at its core, the Back-End Server (BES). The BES offers ease of programming, extensibility and reliability allowing added functionality especially related to high- performance data Grids, that goes beyond its original goal of distributed data access. We present the fundamentals of the BES server as a component based architecture, as well as our experiences using the BES to distribute data processing in Grid-oriented intensive parallel computational tasks.

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Associated Projects

The Earth System Grid (ESG) integrates supercomputers with large-scale data and analysis servers located at numerous national labs and research centers to create a powerful environment for next generation climate research. Access to ESG is provided through a system of federated Data Gateways, that collectively allow access to massive data and services for Climate Global and Regional Models, IPCC research, and analysis and visualization software. The Earth System Grid - Center for Enabling Technologies (ESG-CET) is funded by the U.S.

Tasks for various TWC projects related to data access and
the OPeNDAP software products.