Web Observatory

A web observatory for empirical research of Web data benefits
from software frameworks that are modular, has a clear
underlying semantic model, and that includes metadata enabling
a trace and inspection of the source data and justifications

The multi-disciplinary nature of Web Science and the large size and diversity of data collected and studied by its practitioners has inspired a new type of Web resource known as the Web Observatory.

In December 2010 the International Open Government Dataset Search (IOGDS) team at the Tetherless World Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute embarked on a project to discover, document and analyze open data catalogs published by governments at various levels around the world.

As the World Wide Web continues to grow and change, the need to study and understand it grows. Web Science is an effort to do just this.

This paper explores the impact of health information technologies, including the Web, on society and advocates for the development of a Health Web Observatory (HWO) to collect, store and analyze new sources of health information.