Machine Learning

A branch of artificial intelligence, is about the construction and study of systems that can learn from data.

Polymer nanocomposites consist of a polymer matrix and fillers with at least one dimension below 100 nanometers (nm) [L. Schadler et al., Jom 59(3), 53–60 (2007)].

In this paper we explain how we applied genetic programming to behavior-based team coordination in the RoboCup Soccer Server domain. Genetic programming is a promising new method for automatically generating functions and algorithms through natural selection.


Earth Science Informatics, Special Issue - Semantic e-Science

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Managing a complex illness often requires different treatment regimens spread over a long time. The complexity of these potentially life-threatening diagnoses can be daunting to patients while they are most vulnerable.

We are developing prototypes that explicate our vision of connecting personal medical data to scientific literature as well as to emerging grey literature (e.g., community forums) to help people find and understand information relevant to complex medical journeys.

Discovery of configuration files is one of the prerequisite activities for a successful workload migration to the cloud.