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Oceanographic research covers a broad range of science domains and requires a tremendous amount of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Advances in cyberinfrastructure are making it easier to share data across disciplines through the use of web services and community vocabularies.

The TWC International Open Government Dataset Catalog (IOGDC) integrates a diverse selection of more than 70 gov ernment dataset catalogs from around the world.

Linking Government Data is the application of Semantic Web architecture principles to real-world information management issues faced by government agencies.

We aim to inform the development of decision support tools for resource managers who need to examine large complex ecosystems and make recommendations in the face of many tradeoffs and conflicting drivers.


Earth Science Informatics, Special Issue - Semantic e-Science

Guest Editors:

The important topic of global climate change builds on a huge collection of scientific research. It is common for agencies releasing climate change information to be served with requests for all supporting materials resulting in a particular conclusion.

One of the long-standing challenges in natural language processing is uniquely identifying entities in text, which when performed accurately and with formal ontologies, supports efforts such as semantic search and question-answering.