Nancy Hoebelheinrich

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Nancy Hoebelheinrich
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An information analyst with unique combination of knowledge and skills in working with a variety of data formats and types throughout the lifecycle of the digital resource ranging from creation, retrieval and re-use through to intermediary and archival storage. Over 15 years of experience working as a liaison between data creators and data managers defining, designing, developing and documenting user needs, metadata input / management tools, and archiving requirements.

Nancy has been involved with library endeavors in many industries including private elementary, city and rural public libraries, law firm and law school libraries, and academic research libraries. In addition, Nancy has experience managing non-profit, educational organizations which have given her a broad background in the information needs of decision and policy makers at many levels, as well as faculty and student information needs for teaching and learning. She has experience both in providing front-line service in these arenas as well as management at a number of levels. She has also been involved with lawmaking and with standards development.

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ToolMatch LogoToolMatch (ToolMatch)
Description: or a given dataset, it is difficult to find the tools that can be used to work with the dataset. In many cases, the information that Tool A works with Dataset B is somewhere on the Web, but not in a readily identifiable or discoverable form. In other cases, particularly more generalized tools, the information does not exist at all, until somebody tries to use the tool on a given dataset. Thus, the simplest, most prevalent use case is for a user to search for the tools that can be used with a given dataset. A further refinement would be to specify what the tool can do with the dataset, e.g., read, visualize, map, analyze, reformat.