Jon Hare

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Jon Hare
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Chief of Northeast Fisheries Science Center Oceanography Branch Oceanographer Oversees NEFSC CTD Program and EcoMon Program including the Ship of Opportunity Continuous Plankton Recorder survey and Research Vessel Plankton Monitoring surveys; research interests include fisheries oceanography; use of oceanographic information in single-species and ecosystem assessments; effects of climate change on fishery species; structure and function of the northeast U.S. continental shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, technology development to improve the monitoring of marine ecosystems; biological and physical processes that drive the dynamics of marine fishes, early life stage biology and ecology.

Project Collaborator

ECOOP LogoEmploying Cyber Infrastructure Data Technologies to Facilitate IEA for Climate Impacts in NE & CA LME's (ECO-OP)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Andrew Maffei
Description: The purpose of this INTEROP proposal is to facilitate the deployment of an Integrated Ecosystem Approach (IEA) to management in the Northeast and California Current Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). The direct result of the proposed activity will be application-level data and information enhanced communication for developing the consensus networks to define the specific components of interest to support the implementation of NOAA’s Driver-Pressure-State-Impact Response framework (DPSIR) decision framework and the cyberinfrastructure technologies to ensure data interoperability and reuse.