Heidi Sosik

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Dr. Heidi Sosik is a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Her research interests include:

Heidi Sosik
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Phytoplankton ecology and photophysiology Bio-optical oceanography Modeling of marine primary production Physical forcing and regulation of phytoplankton biomass and production Fluorescence-based assays for photosynthetic properties Relationships between phytoplankton and water column optical properties Scaling from single cells to global systems Remote sensing of phytoplankton Instrument development and observing systems

Project PI

MBVL Project LogoMarine Biodiversity Virtual Laboratory (MBVL)
Principal Investigator: David Mark Welch, Peter Fox, Heidi Sosik, and Stace Beaulieu
Description: This research effort brings together computational and information scientists, oceanographers and microbiologists to develop a Marine Biodiversity Virtual Laboratory (MBVL). In addition to research investigations of marine ecosystems, the Virtual Laboratory provides a platform for education via student diversity programs at the three institutions. The important learning opportunities will be two-fold for students: (1) to learn about, model, and make predictions for biodiversity in natural systems, and (2) to be exposed to working in an interdisciplinary team that includes both natural scientists and computer scientists.