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Nicholas Rio

Michaelis, J., Ding, L., Shangguan, Z., Zednik, S., Huang, R., Pinheiro, P., Rio, N., and McGuinness, D.L. . Towards Usable and Interoperable Workflow Provenance: Empirical Case Studies Using PML. In Proceedings of First International Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management (October 25 2009).
McGuinness, D.L., Fox, P., Pinheiro, P., Zednik, S., Rio, N., Ding, L., West, P., and Chang, C. . Annotating and embedding provenance in science data repositories to enable next generation science applications. In Proceedings of AGU Fall Meeting 2008 (December 15-19 2008, San Francisco, CA).
Pinheiro, P., Rio, N., McGuinness, D.L., Ding, L., Chang, C., and Sutcliffe, G. . User Interfaces for Portable Proofs. In Proceedings of 8th International Workshop on User Interfaces for Theorem Provers (August 22 2008, Montreal, Quebec, Canada).
Pinheiro, P., Sutcliffe, G., Chang, C., Ding, L., Rio, N., and McGuinness, D.L. . Presenting TSTP Proofs with Inference Web Tools. In Proceedings of Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (August 10-11 2008).
Pinheiro, P., McGuinness, D.L., Ding, L., and Rio, N. . Inference Web in Action: Lightweight Use of Proof Markup Language. In Proceedings of ISWC 2008 (October 26-30 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany).