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Alan Chappell
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Alan Chappell specializes in user-centered system design and development. His primary interests are identifying domain characteristics and understanding user’s needs to guide design processes, then integrating advanced information technologies (including knowledge-based tools, data management, and visualization) into computational environments that meet those design requirements. He has extensive experience in working with a variety of knowledge-based representations/systems and has focused on aspects from creating representational vocabularies that meet domain and analytical requirements to mechanisms for annotation and retrieval of knowledge. He has worked with users in a spectrum of domains to understand their work practice and environment using function and task analysis as well as modeling and simulation. Further, Alan’s experience includes using the results of these analyses in the design of systems and processes that meet organizational goals through appropriate use of enhanced user interaction, mediated collaboration, and training.

Project CO-PI

Resource Discovery for Extreme Scale Collaboration (RDESC)
Principal Investigator: Jesse Weaver, Karen Schuchardt, and Eric Stephan
Co Investigator: Alan Chappell and Peter Fox
Description: Our objective is to develop a capability for describing, linking, searching and discovering resources used in collaborative science that is lightweight enough to be used as a component in any software system such as desktop user environments or dashboards but also scalable to millions of resources. A key design goal is to offer local control over resource descriptions thus reducing one of the bottlenecks to widespread adoption. We propose to build a prototype framework and associated services, the Resource Discovery for Extreme Scale Collaboration (RDESC), that meet these objectives.