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Website: ISWC 2006
When: November 5-9 2006
Where: Athens, GA, US
5th International Semantic Web Conference

The dream of the Web was to create a human communication and collaboration platform for sharing knowledge and enabling a universal space for information and services. We all are now much more connected, and in turn face new resulting problems: service and information overload caused by insufficient support for information selection, organization and collaboration. The Semantic Web, by providing standards for formulating and distributing metadata and ontologies, enables means for information organization and selective access. However, the Semantic Web requires new infrastructure on all levels - e.g., human-computer interaction, expressive representation and query languages, reasoning engines, data representation and integration, interoperability middleware, and distributed computing.

To foster the exchange of ideas and collaboration, the International Semantic Web Conference brings together researchers in relevant disciplines such as artificial intelligence, databases, distributed computing, web engineering, information systems, and human-computer interaction.