Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition, 2007 Workshop

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Website: Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition, 2007 Workshop
When: January 7-10 2007
Where: Hyderabad, India
Recent advances in computing and communications together with the rapid proliferation of information sources and services present unprecedented opportunities in integrative and collaborative analysis and interpretation of distributed, autonomous (and hence, inevitably semantically heterogeneous) data and knowledge sources and services in virtually every area of human activity. Fundamental advances in collaborative approaches to knowledge acquisition and data-driven decision making from distributed, autonomous, semantically heterogeneous data and knowledge sources require synergistic synthesis of research advances, insights, algorithms, and results in multiple areas of:
  • Artificial Intelligence - especially machine learning, data mining, knowledge representation and inference, intelligent agents and multi-agent systems;
  • Information Systems - especially databases, information integration, semantic web; and
  • Distributed computing and software engineering (e.g., service-oriented computing).
The workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the relevant areas of artificial intelligence, databases, knowledge bases, machine learning, information integration, ontologies, semantic web, web services, and relevant application areas (e.g., bioinformatics, environmental informatics, enterprise informatics e-science, e-government, medical informatics, security informatics, social informatics, among others) to discuss the current state of the art and open research problems in semantic web for collaborative knowledge acquisition. A secondary goal of the workshop is to facilitate collaborations between different research groups.