EarchCube Data Facilities Meeting January 2014

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Website: EarchCube Data Facilities Meeting January 2014
When: January 15-17 2014
Where: Hilton Arlington Hotel, Arlington, VA, US
Data facilities, whether federally funded or privately maintained, provide a key resource in the pursuit of innovative scientific research by aggregating, preserving, and disseminating large quantities of data sets, including highly complex petabyte scale data to more simple metadata catalogs. This workshop provides a forum for leaders from these facilities, regardless of scale, type or format of data, to gather and discuss commonalities and collaborative solutions to the increasing challenges associated with providing data access for researchers. In addition, this workshop will act as a key end-user Assembly Group during the EarthCube Test Enterprise Governance process to identify decision making processes and governance models that are most applicable to the geoscience data facilities. The workshop will be hosted in Washington, DC for 2.5 days and will bring together 65 to 75 attendees.

Results of the meeting will include a set of common and unique requirements and challenges associated with the communication, collaboration, interoperability, and governance structures required to ensure that the capabilities and opportunities of existing and emerging NSF/GEO facilities are incorporated into the EarthCube concept. In addition, the workshop will inform attendees of new developments within the National Science Foundation’s EarthCube initiative, including ways to align with other EarthCube components.

The workshop will be held January 15-17, 2014 in Arlington, VA at the Hilton Arlington hotel. To assist in travel planning, meeting times are 8:30am to 5:00pm Wednesday and Thursday (January 15 & 16), and 8:30am to noon on Friday (January 17).



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