TWC data-gov corpus: incrementally generating linked government data from

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The Open Government Directive is making US government data available via websites such as for public access. In this paper, we present a Semantic Web based approach that incrementally generates Linked Government Data (LGD) for the US government. In focusing on the tradeoff between high quality LGD generation (requiring non-trivial human expert input) and massive LGD generation (requiring low human processing cost), our work is highlighted by the following features: (i) supporting low-cost and extensible LGD publishing for massive government data; (ii) using Social Semantic Web (Web3.0) technologies to incrementally enhance published LGD via crowdsourcing, and (iii) facilitating mashups by declaratively reusing cross-dataset mappings which usually are hardcoded in applications.


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September 23, 2013
Patrick WestDownload

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