Simple Analytics for the Deep Carbon Observatory Knowledge Graph

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Authors:Stephen Moon


The Deep Carbon Observatory’s (DCO) website contains a number of browsers which visitors can use to find datasets, publications, DCO members, and organizations. However, users must wait while the browser makes many queries to the database to retrieve all the information. DCO members wanted faster access to key information about the database without waiting for the full browser to load. By giving effective summary statistics of the database, the user experience is greatly enhanced. The summary statistics allow DCO maintenance teams to quickly gain important information about the database without waiting for the browser to fully load. The summaries also allow the DCO’s Data Science team to identify and resolve problems with entries in the database, such as mislabeled publications, or missing user information by providing faster access to essential information about the data portal. In addition, the interactive, dynamic charts give DCO users a simple, easy method to quickly look up information about communities.


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August 17, 2015
Xiaogang MaDownload

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