Multiple Truths of the Semantic Web

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Concepts:Web Science


Building off our previous work to re-conceptualize Web technologies through social theory, the following contribution presents a close reading of Foucault’s discussion of “truth” as it relates to the Semantic Web. Specifically, we offer a position which looks at the discourse of science as applied onto the Semantic Web - and in a larger sense the entire Web - challenging the notion of scientific truth. We begin with Foucault’s theorization of truth, then move into why we believe it can be applied to the Semantic Web. This piece concludes with a discussion of how such technologies complicate social theory and scientific inquiry.


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May 15, 2013
Kristine GloriaDownload

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Web Science
Lead Professor: Jim Hendler, Deborah L. McGuinness
Description: Web Science is the study of the World Wide Web and its impact on both society and technology, positioning the Web as an object of scientific study unto itself. Web Science recognizes the Web as a transformational, disruptive technology; its practitioners study the Web, its components, facets and characteristics. Ultimately, Web Science is about understanding the Web and anticipating how it might evolve in the future.